We unleashed the boat from the harbor deck of Asiaat and set off to our first target : the Impossible wall. But first we had to sail 300 miles. Just to make things more interesting Bob threw a wrench into the motor braking it instantly, forcing us to travel by fair means and continue our voyage by sail alone. This gave some interesting situations sailing against the wind and gave us plenty of time to practice our musical skills to the rhythm of the rocking boat. This passage was Sean and Ben’s first baptism under sail. Needless to say it was a full experience and some of our delicious dinners were wasted over the side. Long periods of no wind turned the 3 days of expected sailing time into five but fortunately we were well prepared for it with all the training tools to sharpen our body for the impossible.
The sailing atmosphere across an Iceberg littered ocean felt like steering a spaceship trough a field of meteoroids. Here we are now very close to the big walls in a small Inuit village called Upernavik. As soon as the motor is fixed we’ll  finally be getting into business.