The motor problems kept coming so we got our hands dirty to attempt repairing it. We were desperate and ready to try about anything to resolve this failure.  We came to the final resolution that our last hope was in the hand of a good mechanic. Instead of waiting several days in Upernavik, we asked Bob  to drop us off on a wild island close enough for a few days. The main attraction was a beautiful 400m virgin rock face and the challenge to put all our survival skills to the test.  5 days later we were happy to see Bob with Dodo’s engine purring smoothly plus we bagged an amazing new route : “Brown Balls”… and a bunch of fat cod fish. We are living it up!  
As usual the climbing here doesn’t cease to amaze us: adventurous climbing on super quality lines. Perhaps the best way to describe it is to say it’s like climbing Yosemite classic cracks but with vegetable picking along the way. We love it!
As we are about to launch on a main course kind of climb that could take us a while… You may not hear from us very soon… Let see!