Here we are again, like wild animals out of the jungle, after another amazing adventure. We climbed Amuri Tepui… a second time!! This time a very improbable line….

After our first line on Amuri we retuned to the small village of Yunek to collect the rest of food we had left behind there. That’s where we finally caught up with the other team: Mason, Siebe, George and Sam, who were airing for their plane to fly out. Even though we spent 10 days hanging on the wall, not too far away from each other, it was difficult to harmonize the notes because of the distance and the speed of sound, so finally Yunek was the first time we could really JAM together, and also catch up and talk.

They told us about their ascent, the difficulties, the obstacles and the magical moments. Even though they will never hear us say it, the line they choose is amazing, obvious and (you never heard this from us) a “king line”. When they raved about their ascent obviously we were very tempted to go back and try to free climb their line. Now that they had explored the line it would be a lot easier for us to repeat it and thus leave us a lot more time to try and free climb the line (they did not manage to free the line entirely due to difficulty and lack of time). They flew away, and we returned into the bushes to have Amori to ourselves. All alone. When we returned to the wall, our vision had changed and we dared to imagine things… we set our eyes on a different line… (obviously the real king line).

We will be updating this website regularly for the next few weeks with more info and pictures!