At last the adventure is about to start! We (Sean Villanueva, Stephane Hanssens and Nicolas Favresse) have just landed in China.

It was a frustrating decision to cancel our initial plan to Pakistan in early July due to the terrorist attack. We were full of energy ready to charge in the mountains but unfortunately we had to keep the beasts in their cage a while longer. We searched hard to find a good alternative, which was very difficult, especially after having to abandon such a great project.

But finally we found a really exciting area in the Western Kokshal Tau mountains in China which is meant to have huge, untouched, granite walls. The mountains in this area rise up to almost 6000 m so the altitude will be felt and most likely there will be some snow and Ice. Our musical instruments are ready to test the acoustic of these walls;)

Our fourth team member is frenchman / Xylophone specialist Evrard Wendenbaum (unfortunately he apparently left his violin at home). He is flying straight from his previous project in Madagascar and he will be bringing a full new range of tunes to our repertoire. He will be a crucial addition to our band!

Greetings from Urumqi, China!