News from the jungle

I received a message from the team last night.

They are doing very well! They just spent a few long days on the cliff and had to go down because they ran out of food… I guess they didn’t want to eat roasted spiders anymore…

They didn’t tell me what they actually did on that face… Surprise, surprise… They should be heading home in a few days. Stay tuned for more news (and pictures)!

Back to work…

The team just spent a few days off by the side of a river in the jungle. Disappointed by the size of the spiders and snakes they met, they decided to back their bags with 20 days of food and go back to real life: their new 600 meters overhanging playground…
After spotting a new line on “Amuri” two days ago, “The most engaged and difficult line so far”, they quickly placed the first runs.
Nico had a great 5 hours aid climb session the first day to prepare the line for a free run. A bit later, Sean gave it a try and made a legendary 40 meters fall pulling off most of the anchors he placed and burning Jean-Louis’s hands on the belay…
No doupt, they are now in the middle of they art…
Stay tuned, their satellite phone is obviously working well and they will give more news in the coming days!

first news from the Jungle

We finally received some news from the team! They just finished the free ascent of “Amuri”, a 600 meters overhanging and colored face way back in the jungle! It took them 9 days to get to the top. No doubt they had some nice swings during the jams on that face!
They are now back on the ground getting ready for the next run.
Stay tuned!

Summer in Venezuela


I hope everything is rolling good for you guys. Here we are in Venezuela enjoying 40°c of contrast with the winter we just left. Conditions are extreme here. We have to be very careful with crocodiles when swimming…. The locals ask us why we spend so much money to go suffer in the jungle when we can just stay here in Cuidad De Bolivar… and we ask ourselves the same question. So maybe we’ll just stay here next to the pool where in is plenty extreme enough….

We have just finished buying all our food and last supplies to go off into the wild jungle for 45 days of complete autonomy. Tomorrow morning, we take a small plane that will fly us over the Gran Sabana and drop us in the small amazonian village of Yunek located at the hearth of the Tepuis mountains. From then on, we will be completely disconnected from internet and as soon as we will set off into the jungle, there should be just us and all the wild animals. Four days of hiking will lead us to our monster big wall. Let’s hope he is not too mean to us!

Via a satellite phone, we will update our blog : and our facebook page

You can check them already for the latest news.

Feel free to spread/use our news and follow our action.

Greetings from Cuidad Bolivar,

Nico, Sean, stephane and Jean-louis

Jungle Jamming Xpedition!

Ok, so we’re heading off on another Big wall adventure!

On February 5 we leave to go big wall jamming on the mythical Tepui’s of Venezuella. We’re going on a search for first ascents and virgin walls in the mighty jungle. Besides the difficulties of climbing and jamming, there will be all the interesting animals like snakes, spiders, scorpions, crocodiles, monkeys etc… and we sure hope they will like our music.
We’re heading out into the jungle for 45 days of autonomy. The team consists of the usual suspects Sean Villanueva and Nicolas Favresse (, but also Stephane Hanssens, a strong young Belgian climber and drummer who was with us the previous expedition to Baffin Island featured in “Asgard Jamming” (DVD available for sale on this website). Furthermore Jean-Louis Wertz a very talented climber, experimental singer and professional photographer will be coming with us. Check out his website to see his work! (
Obviously we’ll be bringing all our musical equipment and we look forward to developing a new repertoire with the local indigenous people and all the wild creatures we hope to encounter.

Our first objective is a Tepui called Amuri, which might just have one of the most overhanging big walls around! We’ve heard rumours of a 600m waterfall, with overhanging vegetation and scorpions that climb 9a+…
Stay tuned on or our Facebook page for the music and climbing progress of this expedition.

We would like to thanks all our sponsors who are joining us in this jungle adventure: The Belgian alpine club, Patagonia, Julbo, Five Ten, Black Diamond, Seeonee, Sterling ropes, Beal,, Petzl, Careplus , Katadyn, Nordisk, Boreal, Crux, AVS aviation.

© FiveTen

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Nico, Sean, Oli & Ben are back from their “Vertical sailing” expedition in Greenland. As usual, this expedition was a little crazy… Lots of huge walls, lots of water, lots of madness. Very inspiring!
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Vertical Sailing, the shows!

- 27/04/2011: 20h, College Don Bosco. 270 Chaussée de Stokel 1200, Brussels
- 28/04/2011: 20u, Stedelijk Sportcentrum, Emiel Van Dorenlaan 144, Genk (info)
- 29/04/2011: 20h, College Don Bosco. 270 Chaussée de Stokel 1200, Brussels
- 03/05/2011:
20u, Auditoria, Parkstraat 49, lokaal 03.12, 3000, Leuven (info)
- 05/05/2011: 20u, De Central (turbinezaal) Ham 74, Gent (info)
- 06/05/2011: 20h30, Base camp Festival, Bad reichenhall, Germany (info)
- 18-22/05/2011: Kalymnos, Greece (info)
- 16/06/2011: ”Montagne al Cinema”, Darfo Boario, Italy

Vertical Sailing, movie trailer

episode 4 “the Pushes”

episode 3 “Never say never”